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Pixel perfect platforming: the martial art. Push your fingers to their tactile limits in this "hard-like-it's-1999" love-letter to the platformer in all it's glory. No enemies, no weapons, no RPG elements, no quick-save, no hand-holding, no codswallop, no mercy.

You are Cubey. And you are alone in a cold universe that doesn't even know you exist, and even if it did, it would probably ignore you. How will you define yourself? How will you cope with endless failure? Prepare to rage-quit again, and again: for once upon a platform, there is no turning back.


Now on Steam Greenlight! Buy it now on Itch.io, get a free steam key when it's greenlit.



* Hand-crafted minimalist graphics

* 60+ relentlessly difficult platforming challenges

* Beautiful featured soundtrack by Joe Gilliver and Ocular Audio

* For Windows, Mac or Linux

* Play with keyboard or any gamepad

* Free future content updates

* A lot of dying


Buy Now2.99€ EUR or more

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OnceUponaPlatformLINUX.rar 316 MB
OnceUponaPlatformLinuxAlt.tar 454 MB